04/15/16   New Hope United Methodist Church  Sidney, OH  7:00pmEST
04/16/16   Epworth United Methodist Church  Matthews, IN  7:00pmEST
04/17/16   Tabernacle of Praise  Bedford, IN  10:00am and 6:00pmEST 
04/22/16   Tygart Valley Baptist Church Beverly, WV  7:00pmEST
04/23/16   Mt. Morris Gospel Tabernacle  Mt. Morris, PA  7:00pmEST
04/24/16   Liberty Church of God  Clarion, PA  10:00amEST
04/24/16   First Lutheran Church  Shelby, OH  6:00pmEST

05/06/16  Mt. Calvary Community Church  Alexandria, VA  7:30pmEST
05/07/16  Holiday Park Campground  Greensboro, MD  6:00pmEST
05/08/16  Battlefield Baptist Church  Warrenton, VA  10:00amEST
05/08/16  Mt. Olivet Southern Baptist Church  Bedford, VA  6:00pmEST
05/13/16  North Lima Mennonite Church  North Lima, OH  7:00pmEST
05/14/16  Church of Christ  Greenfield, OH 7:00pmES
05/15/16  Liberty Baptist Church  Indianapolis, IN  10:45amEST
05/15/16  First Baptist Church  Mt. Healthy, OH 6:00pmEST
05/20/16  New Covenant Bible Church  Tulsa, OK  7:00pmCDT
05/21/16  Terrell Performing Arts Center  Terrell, TX  6:30pmCDT
05/22/16  Rose Park Baptist Church  Shreveport, LA 10:30am and 6:30pmCDT
05/27/16  Blue Gate Theatre  Shipshewanna, IN  7:00pmEST
05/28/16  First Church of Christ  Logan, OH  7:00pmEST
05/29/16  Liberty Missionary Baptist Church  Ashland, KY  6:00pmEST

06/03/16  St. Henry Freedom Amphitheater  St. Henry, OH  7:30pmEST
06/04/16  East Branch Community Church  East Branch, NY  7:00pmEST
06/05/16  Union County Baptist Church  Clarke, NJ  11:00amEST
06/05/16  Fairwinds Baptist Church  Bear, DE  6:pmEST
06/10/16  Grace Fellowship Church  Comstock, MI  7:00pmEST
06/11/16   Grace United Methodist Chirch  Kokomo, IN  7:00pmEST
06/12/16  Sauder Village Founder's Hall  Archbold, OH  4:00pmEST
06/16/16  Memphis Quartet Show  Memphis, TN  6:00pmCDT  TICKETS: 800-595-4849
06/17/16  Morrison Chapel Baptist Church  Cleveland, MS  7:00pmCDT
06/18/16  First Baptist Church  Kosciusko, MS  7:00pmCDT
06/19/16  Pine Ridge Baptist  Laurel, MS  10:45amCDT
06/19/16  Salem Baptist Church  Lake, MS  6:00pmCDT
06/20/16 through 07/07/16  VACATION!!!

07/08/16  Blue Gate Theatre  Shipshewanna, IN  10:00amEST
07/08/16  Bean Blossom Festival at Bill Monroe Music Park  Morgantown, IN  7:00pmEST
07/09/16  West Cross Alliance Church  Anderson, IN  7:00pmEST
07/10/16  Fairfield Christian Church  Lancaster, OH  10:00am and 6:00pmEST
07/17/16  Sonrise Baptist Church  Grand Haven, MI  6:00pmEST
07/23/16  United Methodist Church  Butler, PA  6:00pm and 7:00pmEST
07/24/16  United Methodist Church  Butler, PA  8:15am, 9:45a and 10:45amEST
07/24/16  United Methodist Church  Butler, PA  6:00pmEST (FULL CONCERT AT CROSSFIRE LOCATION)
07/28/16  James D. Vaughn Sing Lawrenceburg, TN  1:00pmEST
07/29/16  Westside First Church of God  West Columbia, SC 7:00pmEST
07/31/16  Providence Baptist Church  Augusta, GA 10:45amEST

08/05/16  Auglaize County Fair Gospel Tent  Wapakoneta, OH 7:30pmEST
08/06//16 Gospel Barn  Bluffton, IN 6:00pmEST
08/07/16  Church of Christ  Sardinia, OH  10:00amEST
08/19/16  Back River United Methodist Church  Essex, MD  7:00pmEST
08/20/16  First Church of God  Kattaning, PA   7:00pmEST
08/26/16  Olive Green CCCU Sunbury, OH  7:00pmEST
08/27/16  Edinburgh Church of the Nazarene  Edinburgh, IN  6:00pmEST
08/28/16  Middletown Church of the Nazarene  Middletown, IN 10:30amEST
08/28/16  Fortville Christian Church  Fortville, IN 7:00pmEST
08/31/16  Showboat Branson Bell  Branson, MO 12:00pmCDT

09/02/16  New Hope Baptist  Deleware, OH 7:00pmEST
09/03/16  Van Wert County Fair  Van Wert, OH  7:00pmEST
09/08/16  Camp Marengo Ohio Retreat Center  Marengo, OH 7:00pmEST
09/09/16  Camp Marengo Ohio Retreat Center  Marengo, OH 9:00amEST
09/10/16  Mt. Zion Church of the Brethren  Wayne, OH  7:00pmEST
09/18/16  Campbellsburg Christian Church  Campbellsburg, IN  6:00pmEST
09/26/16  NQC at The LaConte Center  Pigeon Forge, TN 
09/27/16  NQC at The LaConte Center  Pigeon Forge, TN 
09/28/16  NQC at The LaConte Center  Pigeon Forge, TN 
09/29/16  NQC at The LaConte Center  Pigeon Forge, TN Main Stage Appearance
09/30/16  NQC at The LaConte Center  Pigeon Forge, TN 

10/07/16  Emmeus Baptist Church  Poquosen, VA  7:00pmEST
10/14/16  Hartville Kitchen  Hartville, OH  7:00pmEST
10/15/16  Gospel Barn  Hillsdale, MI 6:00pmEST
10/16/16  Riverview Community Church  Tippecanoe, IN 6:00pmEST

11/06/16  Heritage Baptist Church  Ashburn, VA  10:00amEST
11/12/16  Untied Methodist Church  Butler, IN  7:00pmEST
11/17/16  Grace Community Church  Montpelier, IN  6:00pmEST
11/18/16  First Church of the Nazarene  Columbus, IN  7:00pmEST
11/20/16  Cherry Street Baptist Church  Springfield, MO  10:00am and 1:00pmEST