02/15/19   Christ The King  Delaware, OH  7:00pmEST
02/16/19   Daystar First Church of God  Blanchester, OH 6:00pmEST
02/17/19   Pleasant Grove Community Church  Clarksville, OH  10:00amEST
02/17/19   First Baptist Church  Newtown, OH  6:00pmEST
02/22/19   Lakeside Baptist Church  Painesville, OH 7:00pmEST
02/23/19   Christian Church  St. Louisville, OH  6:00pmEST
02/24/19   First Church of God  Chillicothe, OH  10:00amEST
02/24/19   Bible Baptist Church  Morrow, OH  6:00pmEST

03/08/19   First Church of the Nazarene  Flemmingsburg, KY  7:00pmEST
03/09/19   Oakwood Baptist Church Cynthiana, KY  6:00pmEST
03/10/19   Christ for the Community Church  Louisville, KY 10:00amEST
03/16/19   Cornell United Methodist Church  Cornell, IL  7:00pmCDT
03/17/19   Grace Baptist Church  Brunswick, OH  9:00am, 11:00am and 6:00pmEST
03/22/19   Mt. Joy Church of the Brethren  Mt. Pleasant, PA  7:00pmEST
03/23/19   Gospel Tabernacle  Mt. Morris, PA  6:00pmEST
03/24/19   St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church  Fleetwood, PA  6:00pmEST 610-693-4059
03/29/19   Epworth United Methodist Church  Matthews, IN  7:00pmEST
03/30/19   Living Faith Baptist Church  Sherman, IL  6:00pmCDT
03/31/19   Godfrey United Methodist Church  Godfrey, IL  10:45amCDT
03/31/19   Temple Baptist Church  Decatur, IL  6:00pmCDT

04/05/19   Tygart Valley Baptist Church  Beverly, WV  6:00pmEST
04/06/19   South New Milford Baptist Church  New Milford, PA  7:00pmEST
04/07/19   Union County Baptist Church  Clarke, NJ  11:00amEST
04/09/19   Creation Museum  Petersburg, KY  10:30amEST
04/1019    Creation Museum  Petersburg, KY  10:30amEST
04/11/19   Creation Museum  Petersburg, KY  10:30amEST
04/13/19   Three Forks Baptist Church  Taylorsville, NC  6:00pmEST
04/14/19   Central Baptist Church  Dunn, NC  10:00amEST
04/14/19   Neuse Baptist Church  Raleigh, NC  6:00pmEST
04/19/19   McClain High School Auditorium  Greenfield, OH  7:00pmEST
04/21/19   Faithway Baptist Church  Marysville, KY  10:30amEST
04/21/19   Nazarene Church  Blanchester, OH  6:00pmEST
04/25/19   Hartville Kitchen, Hartville, OH 1:00pm EDT
04/26/19   New Hope United Methodist Church  Sydney, OH  7:00pmEST
04/28/19   Tabernacle of Praise  Bedford, IN  10:00amEST
04/28/19   Bible Baptist Church  Urbana, OH  6:00pmEST

05/03/19   First Reformed Church  Hull, IA  7:00pmEST
05/04/19   New Covenant Bible Church  Tulsa, OK  6:00pmCDT
05/11/19   Holiday Park Campground  Greensboro, MD  6:00pmEST
05/12/19   Battlefield Baptist Church  Worthington, VA  10:30amEST
05/19/19   Bible Baptist Church  Wilmington, OH  10:30am and 6:00pmEST
05/27/19   Houston, TX  TBA
05/31/19   Back River United Methodist Church  Essex, MD  7:00pmEST

06/01/19   First Baptist Church  Princess Ann, MD  7:00pmEST
06/02/19   Heritage Baptist Church  Ashburn, VA  11:00amEST
06/02/19   Mt. Eagle Baptist Church  Charlottesville, VA  6:00pmEST
06/08/19   Grace Fellowship, Comstock Park, MI 7:00pm EDT
06/09/19   Nashville Baptist Church  Nashville, MI  11:00amEST
06/14/19   United Methodist Church  Louisville, KY  7:00pmEST
06/16/19   Salem Baptist Church  Lake, MS  10:00amCDT
06/23/19   Rose Park Baptist Church  Shreveport, LA  8:30 and 10:30amCDT
06/23/19   South Jefferson Baptist Church  Mt. Pleasant, TX  6:30pmCDT 

07/05/19   New Hope Church  Delaware, OH  7:00pmEST
07/07/19   Fairfield Christian Church  Lancaster, OH  10:30amEST
07/07/19   Trinity Full Gospel Church  Sabina, OH  6:30pmEST
07/11/19   Riverview Conference Center  Cedar Falls, IA  7:00pmCDT
07/13/19   The Gospel Barn  Hillsdale, MI  6:00pmEST
07/20/19   Living Word Church of the Nazarene, Houston, TX 4:00pm CDT
07/21/19   Mimms Baptist Church  Conroe, TX  TBA
07/24/19   Camp CHOF  Canton, OH  TBA
07/26/19   Sunflower Festival (center of town)  Frankfort, OH  8:00pmEST
07/27/19   Spartanburg Fairgrounds  Spartanburg, PA  1:00pmEST
07/28/19   Beechfork Church  Otway, OH 6:00pmEST

08/02/19   Auglaize County Fair Gospel Tent, Wapakoneta, OH 7:30pm EDT
08/03/19   Sacandaga Bible Conference  Broadalbin, NY  7:00pmEST
08/16/19   Trinity United Methodist Church  Hartford City, IN  7:00pmEST
08/17/19   First Church of God (Vision Hill Property)  Kittening, PA  7:00pmEST
08/23/19   Blue Gate Theatre  Shipshewanna, IN  10:amEST
08/24/19   Blue Gate Theatre  Shipshewanna, IN  1:00pmEST
08/28/19   Silver Dollar City  Branson, MO  TBA

09/07/19   First Baptist Church  Cold Springs, KY 6:00pmEST
09/08/19   Serenity Baptist Church  West Chester, OH  11:00amEST
09/13/19   West Cross Alliance Church  Anderson, IN  7:00pmEST
09/14/19   Reed City Nazarene  Reed City, MI  1:00pmEST
09/15/19   Bible Baptist Church  Marysiville, OH  11:00am and 1:00pmEST
09/21/19   Economy United Methodist Church  Economy, IN  6:00pmEST
09/23/19   NQC – LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN- Main Stage Appearance
09/24/19   NQC – LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN
09/25/19   NQC – LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN
09/26/19   NQC – LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN
09/27/19   NQC – LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN
09/28/19   NQC – LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN

10/05/19   Gospel Barn  Bluffton, IN  12:00pmEST
10/06/19   Riverview Community Church  Tippecanoe, IN  6:00pmEST
10/20/19   St. Claresville, OH  TBA
10/20/19   New Covenant Church  Mt. Vernon, OH  6;00pmEST
10/27/19   The Crossing Church  Nineveh, IN  10:00amEST
10/27/19   Butler United Methodist Church  Butler, IN  6:00pmEST
10/29/19   Creation Museum Petersburg, KY  10:30amEST
10/30/19   Creation Museum Petersburg, KY  10:30amEST
10/31/19   Creation Museum Petersburg, KY  10:30amEST

11/21/19   Grace Community Church  Montpelier, IN  6:00pmEST
11/22/19   Sun City Church of the Nazarene  Sun City, AZ  6:00pmMST
11/24/19   Cherry Street Baptist Church  Springfield, MO  11:00am and 1:00pmCDT
11/24/19   First Baptist Church  Brookline, MO  6:00pmCDT